Tuesday, July 14, 2009

When the times change, follow the Son!

The sunflower gives us an example to follow the sun when the time changes. For people, it is wise to follow the Son when life changes!

Celebrate with me and enjoy some of the changes that are in store for me! Why am I celebrating? For lots of reasons!
  • I will have a solo show of my artwork in November at The Frame & I in Prescott, Arizona!
  • My daughter has written a lovely children’s book that she wants me to illustrate!
  • I am now able to devote myself full time to my artwork!

So, come and celebrate with me! Share my journey as I follow the Lord's lead into a new season of life.

To start the celebrations, I am having a HUGE sale in my etsy shop =) It involves free shipping on many items, sale prices - including some items that are half price, and more surprises to come this week! Don't delay - the sale will end July 19th!


God bless,



  1. Congrats and good luck in your new ventures. The sunflower pic is beautiful.

  2. Kathy - Wow congrats on everything! Show too that is awesome! UGH I am sorry but I didn't hardly look at your photo or I won't be able to go outside! lol I do love sun flowers and I'm sure it is beautiful! Good Luck with your sale!

  3. As the legendary Sam Cooke sang, "it's been a long time coming!" Congratulations, my friend!

  4. Congratulations- this is wonderful!!!

  5. Thanks, Marlene =) I love sunflowers!

    Haha, Pam - I thought of you as I was standing out there and watching all the buzzing critters - I quit when the bumble bee aimed for my green shirt ;-) Thanks for the well-wishes =) I sold an ACEO (free shipping on them all, now!)

    Thanks, Karin *nods* I am delighted with the prospect of devoting full time to my artwork!

    Thanks Anonymous! It has been a dream of mine most of my life!

  6. LOL Kathy! Congrats on the Sale!

  7. Congratulations with all the wonderful events that are happening in your life. wonderful news, You deserve it. Lindax

  8. Thanks, Pam =) I promise the next few posts will not involve bugs!

    Thanks, Linda =) I appreciate the compliment!

  9. LOL Thanks!

    Ok gotta get to bed...

  10. Kathy, I am so happy for you. And congratulations on that single showing. You deserve it. Best of luck with the next step in your life. :)

  11. Thanks, Pam *winks* enjoy!

    Thank you, Carole! I appreciate the kind words =)


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