Monday, July 20, 2009

Want to see my clock? ...but, I digress...

Okay, so things are a little hectic right now... I am trying to get quite a few things done in a short amount of time with the predictable outcome. But really, a lot of it is not my fault and it is out of my control! Who can, after all, control the weather? (Outside of God, I do not know anyone who can!)

But, I digress...
So, I called Jeff, the local Heat and Cool 'guy', to come and turn my cooler on for me. Yeah, I know, I just got to the point where I was getting a bit too warm in the house. We have had some really nice weather this spring!

I have been told on several occasions: "Kathleen, don't build me a clock, just tell me what time it is!" ...but, I digress...

So there was a little storm... Here is a picture that I took looking to the east. It clearly shows the 'north 40 moving south'. You can sort of see Tim and Lorie's house, and if you really squint you can see their red truck.
It was worse out back. It's okay that the 'north 40 moved south', though, because it made room for Russ and Diane's 'south 40 that moved further south'. But, I digress...

I had to wonder why I was standing outside eating dirt and taking pictures, but then I remembered that the latest news says that kids need to eat dirt to build up their immunity.
But, um, I, yeah.... I wonder why people say that thing about the clock to me?Anyway, I am eating dirt and taking pictures when I notice that Hershey, who is a very smart horse, is standing under the shelter. Kodi and Jamaica are on the other side of the fence close to the shelter. The 'north 40' is still moving rapidly south... And Billie Jane, who is highly motivated to eat constantly, has moved next to the feeder in eager anticipation because she has seen me standing outside.
Yeah. Like I am really going to go walk out there in all of that dust and dirt and try to fling some hay at her and expect that it will stay in the feeder long enough to get eaten. And, I might add, it was about an hour and a half early for feeding time!
But... hmm... looking for a clock... Oh, yeah!
And, in the meantime, I am hoping that my 'cowgirl window' is keeping the rain out of my truck.
Oh, yeah. Rain. I remember what I was telling you now. So, Jeff called me and said that he really did want to work on my cooler, but he didn't want to be on my roof right now.

I thought that the clouds were really pretty. Maybe guys don't like clouds so much?! Hmm...
Oh, yeah - I forgot! I was going to tell you all about how I got that 'cowgirl window' in the first place. I must have gotten side tracked by the storm. Well, I will tell you all about that tomorrow!
For now, I am going to go find whoever it was that wanted to know what time it is and show them the neat clock I just built!


  1. ROFL!!!!! Oh my Lord!!! I think we must be related!!! That is the funniest story ever! At the risk of repeating myself...."Bless your heart, girl!"
    Can't wait to read the next installment of this epic adventure!

    Oh, and by the way....Billie Jean? I can soooo relate to her. What does that say about me?

  2. ROFLOL - Like I said it could be the biggest disaster and your way with words would somehow make me laugh, I am glad you are in my life, it makes me take things not so seriously.

  3. Thank you Jessie and Marlene =) I love to have my warped and twisted outlook on life appreciated! LOL!

  4. LOL....kathy....I must admit none of that storm stuff looks like any fun. Especially the dust part.

  5. Uh, Kath - I asked you to send the rain - you know, the wet stuff - down here, NOT your north 40, which is now part of my decor, thank you very much! But then, we in Arizona know that "dust" is definitely a noun, not a verb!

  6. Lmao too funny! Hope your storm clears up soon and you can have some nice weather!

  7. Yeah - Carole, you should see the dust - ah, make that dirt! - all over my house!

    ROFLOL! Yeah, Karin - that is right!

    hehe, Pam - yeah - welcome to Paulden - the REAL windy city! roflol!


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