Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nose to nose - er, beak to beak!

How fun! Look at what I saw at the San Diego Zoo ~

A gorgeous parrot (*blushes* I didn't make a note of what kind!) and a simple little bird... They were almost "beak to beak" in the enclosure! It was fun to see this simple little bird in contrast with the larger, colorful bird. It reminds me of the many contrasts that we have all around us every day! Care to share some of those contrasts with me?



  1. Cute, kathy. Hey this could make a great challenge for Bounty. :)

  2. What an awesome picture, such an unusual sight!

    That bird is a Scarlet Macaw Parrot! They are so beautiful!

    I bet you had fun at the zoo!

  3. Thanks, Carole =) Good idea!

    Thanks, Pam - I didn't know what it was - but I love the contrast between then two birds! The zoo was so much fun - I had not been there in many years.

  4. That is a wonderful picture Kathy, glad you are enjoying your vacation so far. I was at the San Diego zoo many years ago (37 years), and I haven't been to a zoo in at least 20 years. Maybe it is time to go.


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