Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Good. The Bad, and The Window!

Aw... look at the pretty window! Back where it is supposed to be! So, today I was at the repair shop at 8:30 AM in the morning (after I burned my oatmeal for the gagillionth time, but that will have to be addressed in another post at a different time, because I will not digress today!)

The good news was, the mechanic knew what the problem was. The bad news - it would take a while to fix it.

Good news - it was a tiny little part. Bad news - the entire assembly inside the door had to be replaced. Little part is not sold by itself ...(kaching$$$).

Good news - refurbished parts are available. Bad news - not today. Only one available locally was from the dealer. (KACHING$$$$$KACHING$$$$$)

Good news - dealer could deliver soon. Bad news - definition of soon was not translated from *mechanickease* to English... *sands of time slowing dooooowwwnnnnnnn*

But, hey, I used the time wisely - I had a nice walk to my doctor's office to pick up some paper work they had ready for me. Then I had a nice hike to the Credit Union to make my bank deposit. On the way back I stopped and got some lunch. Yeah! I did not go hungry while waiting! LOL! (and what in the world is it that they put on the Arby's curly fries? I still can't decide if I liked it or not, but I am sure it is not on my list of recommended foods!)

(ummm, right - no digressing... Is that a word? 'digressing'? Is that digressing?) *whatever*!

Anyway, that used up a couple of hours... but I was at the auto shop until 2:30 PM. A WHOLE 6 hours! so I had a LOT more time to 'use wisely'... *slumps in the chair*

Guess what kind of chairs they had at the auto shop??? Actually, I made a list of 32 possible future blog posts including notes for each one. Decided two were really boring and/or weird (should I put them at the top of the list? *joking!*) And then I just gave up making notes and started drawing... brain was tired of working... on paper... without drawing...

It was fun to do a little drawing - the chair had a cool reflection. Then....

Good news - the part arrived! Bad news - old part was riveted to door and rivets had to be ground off. (kakakakachingchingching$$$$$)(sands of time doing the dribble dance)

Good news - truck will be ready soon! Bad news - I was out of time to finish my drawing. But *really* I am okay with that!

The Good News! The truck was all ready to go! woohooo!

And The Bad News...


that's a $$$lotta kachings$$$

But, hey - it is STILL cheaper than a new vehicle! And *winks* there still ain't nothin' wrong with the radio!

*drives off into the afternoon humidity with A/C on*



  1. Feelin' your pain, and loving your sense of humor in it!

  2. Just think ... even if you had caught the window with your hands before the door ate it ... what would you have done with the window? No amount of packing tape would hold it up and I don't think you could drive and hold it. In the end, the fix it shop's bill would sadly be the same.

    My car now has 111,000 miles. Looks good, works well, maybe it too will hang in there for 225,000+ miles. Your tape deck is broken, my CD changer is just a non working piece of art hidden in the trunk.

  3. oooo....horribleness. But see how much fun you had waiting! If it makes you feel any better, it's been known to cost at least $500 to fix a window in my town. Perhaps you should post some of those weird posts you dreamed up.

  4. Kathy! Sorry about the bill, but you should write comedy...that was very entertaining! Love your sense of humor, and your sweet heart!

    xoxoxox, Daffy

  5. ROFLOL - I am not laughing at you Kathy but rather with you or because of you (you writing is so refreshing). Sorry about that bill - car repair bills are the #1 item on my pet peeve list.

  6. oh no! but I guess that's the price we pay (literally) to have a vehicle that takes us anywhere we want to go.
    I'm trying to cheer you up here :-)
    at least you used your time wisely. I love the idea of writing down blog ideas, and sketching. Something good came out of the 6 hr wait :-)

  7. Turn that little chair sketch into an ACEO! It's just cute as can be! So sorry about the bill, but...you are right. That bill would probably be about the equivalent of a new truck note. Ick!!

  8. LOL Kathy, oh no that's a big bill for a window! Hope it works from now on!

    Cool sketch of the chair!


  9. Thanks, vince - haha - might as well laugh about it =)

    Haha, Rita - so true! Checked the speedometer and it is over 229,000 miles... and I am hoping for 300,000 miles ;-)

    Hey, splendid - that does make me feel a bit better ;-) and I am sure that some of those posts will show up! *laughs*

    Thanks, Daffy =) tehe - I am still laughing about watching that window just slide out of view!

    Yeah, Marlene = I am still laughing - I am such a goof - who would REALLY try to pull a window out of the door *rolls eyes* ROFLOL!

    tehe, pink - and the door is STILL cheaper than a new vehicle! Plus I have all of those ideas down on paper.... if I can just find them!

    Thanks, Jessie - I just may do that! I like the sketch, too =) It was fun to do, even if I didn't get it finished.

    Thanks, Pam - glad you liked it! and the window seems to be working just fine! LOL! hope it stays that way! hehe =)


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