Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun puppy sitting this weekend - haha - sort of!

Well, not puppies, exactly - rather they are my daughters two "40 mile an hour couch potatoes" as she refers to them! She and her husband have two greyhounds that they adopted from the greyhound rescue group in Phoenix. They can run fast when they want to!

Gotcha, however, seemed more interested in eating dirt than running around the yard... Not sure what that was all about!

Glory was pretty excited when she spotted the goats. Check out her ears! Yep, they really are standing straight up.
The goats, however, were not amused. Bethie high tailed it to the tallest rock and just stared at me in disbelief that I would allow such a travesty as dogs in the yard. Maggie doesn't like dogs, but at her age about all she can do is raise her hackles.

Yeah - goats can raise their hackles just like dogs do. Check out the black hair along Maggie's back and you will see that it is standing just about as straight up as Glory's ears! Oh, it's a good thing that goats can't talk...

Well, it sure is quiet around here now that Tim and Cynthia have picked up their girls, but I am sure that there will be other occasions to 'puppy sit'!
Hope you had a blessed Sunday,


  1. Funny story! So cool to hear about their personalities!

  2. lol, Those are great pictures. We raised some goats at one time, they are very fun animals to have as pets. Your goats are beautiful.

  3. Beautiful dog, great story.

  4. Thanks, Allie - they do all have distinctive personalities!

    Thanks, Marlene - Bethie is Maggie's daughter. Maggie is the daughter of my first goat, Whisper, who was an ADGA Champion milk goat. At her peak, she could give a gallon of milk a day! Mmmmmmmm!

    Thanks, A.J. Glory and Gotcha really love to run in the big 'yard' that I have. Amazing how fast they can run!

  5. My goodness what a nice looking dog. VEry interesting.

  6. What - no Angoras? LOL! What a trip that was, eh? The greyhounds are beautiful! In NM I was part of a greyhound rescue group that was actually started by a breeder who raced frequently at Sunland and hated to see the "rejects" get put down. They make great pets - not so much with cats (depending on the age of the dog and the Cattitude of the cats), which is why I don't have one! Great pics. Um, I hate to say this, but when my dogs are "eating dirt," it is usually laced with something more interesting, like Kitty Fritters....

  7. Thanks, Carole =) They are really pretty - and it is a lot of fun to watch them run!

    haha, Karin - I think it may have been road apples *winks* Yes, you will notice that there is no Forrest parading around. The cats were locked up inside because Glory really likes cats! Um... in a greyhound kind of way *eek* You should have seen her with the rabbit *rolls eyes* fortunately, Bennie was in his pen and Glory was on her leash...

    And, yep - only dairy goats =)

  8. I can relate to Maggie. It's all I can do to get my hackles to stand up and pay attention sometimes. Great story!

  9. Thanks, Pam =)

    ROFLOL - funny, Jessie!


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