Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And the winner of my FREE ORIGINAL ACEO is...

...presented by this darling toad family that I spotted this morning while watering my garden! Aren't they cute!!! They were very curious about what I was doing - but scampered quickly down their hole when I got too close for comfort. They must not have known that they would be the star performers for this presentation!

Okay! All the names are in the bag! There were a total of 32 posts with 36 ideas for animals! WOW! Thank you all for contributing ideas to me =) I am looking forward to painting, painting, painting!

***Drum roll please!*** (or at the very least, a little toad singing!)

***boy, is she going to be surprised! ROFLOL!***


Carol of St. Thomas Mission Trip!!! Check out her great blog about the recent mission trip to St. Thomas - and to see the story of Iggy and Boogie! I think she needs a little ACEO of an iguana *winks* what do you think?

If you didn't win this time, don't despair! I am hooked on giving away ACEOs! Check back this weekend to get details about the Blog to Blog Wonderful Water Treasure Hunt that starts Monday, July 6th - each time you comment on the Treasure Hunt threads , you will be entered into the drawing for another FREE original ACEO from me! The more you comment, the more chances you have to win! Of course, it only takes one time to win! LOL! Just ask Carol *winks*

Thanks again for all of the great comments!

God bless,


  1. congrats to Carol!
    btw, what's some advice on running a "blog contest"? How do you keep up with all the comments?

  2. Indeed - Congrats to you, Carol!!!

    ksc - I wait until the contest is finished and then I copy and paste all of the comments into a word document. I then print out the word document and cute apart all of the indivicual comments. I toss all of my comments into recycling *winks* and then all of the rest of the comments go into my great little paper sack - which I use over and over *winks* After I shake it up REALLY good, I draw out a piece of paper - that's my winner!

    I know, not very technical - but it works =) The longest that I have the contests go is for two weeks and in that time I may have five posts where people can comment.

    It's lots of fun!

    ps - now you all know how I draw the winning names! LOL! I really do it that way! *laughs*

  3. Congrats Carol!

    Lots of fun Kathy!

    KSC - also to keep up with your blog comments, make sure under Settings - then under comments at the bottom that you have your email address under "Comment Notification Email"

  4. Cute frogs, Kathy. Congrats, Carol.

  5. Love the frogs! Congrats to Carol. that is pretty much the same way I pick my winners except as I read the comments each day I jot the name down on a piece of paper, at the end of the giveaway I cut them apart and put them in a box and have my DH pick one out.

  6. ROFLOL -ahem... "make that cut apart the individual..." *rolls eyes*

    Thanks everyone - they were really cute! There are a lot of toads around here - I was glad to see them in my garden =) Nice little bug nabbers!

  7. Congrats to Carol! Lucky girl...

  8. =) Thanks for the comments for Caro!

  9. oops - ah - Carol - LOL - I can spell... just sometimes more creatively than other times *winks*

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