Friday, June 5, 2009

Music to my ears - noisy guinea birds! Love them!

I love my noisy guinea birds - they are so fun to watch! And they always greet me with their loud call =) probably has something to do with the grain that I am always tossing to them *winks* These birds really seem to have a sense of humor, too - they are characters who deserve to have a little series of paintings dedicated to them! Here is one of the ones I did today ~

And, yes - they really do have those spiky feathers on their necks! They are really a unique bird. Their feathers are beautiful - even the white guineas have the spots on their feathers.

So, this is what my alarm clock looks like! ROFLOL! I highly recommend it, though my daughter does not agree *winks* because she can't adjust the time the 'guinea alarm' goes off!
Okay - off to get a good night's sleep so I will be fresh and ready for the 'guinea roll call' in the morning!
God bless,


  1. This is gorgeous, we;ve got 4 guinea fowl, the oldest being Bob who is now 8 years old. They are so entertaining!

  2. Love it Kathy, my mother-in-law had guinea hens, very funny birds.

  3. This bird is abosolutely adorable. Is this an aceo?

  4. Kathy - What a beautiful piece of art, I've never seen these birds but they look pretty cool!

  5. Yes, Carole =) this is an ACEO!

    Thanks Pam =)

    Marlene and pencilportraits - thanks! they are fun birds *winks* I am going to blog more about them tomorrow =)


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