Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm curious... Tell me what you think! You could win an ACEO if you do!!!

Okay - I have painted horses, goats, cows, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, guineas, geese, a hinny , a lion, a dinosaur, a dragon, a whale, a mouse, and a snake... *taps chin* did I forget an animal? hmmmmmm......

Well, there was Warty the A-10 Warthog Just Plain Flying =) (and, yes, the original is available for sale *winks* just email me for details at )

Warty was a little different... but I am curious....

Tell me what you think! I want to know!!!

What unusual animal would you like to see me paint??? And, yes - it can be any kind of animal, critter or what ever with fins, fur, feathers and/or creepy little legs. I just want to know what you would like to see me paint!

Comment on this post between now and June 30th, 2009, with an unusual critter that isn't on my list and/or vote for your favorite animal that is on my list and I will put your name in a drawing for a fun original ACEO critter painting by me! Really!

Here's my list:
  • horse
  • hinny
  • goat
  • cow
  • dog
  • cat
  • rabbit
  • chicken
  • rooster
  • goose
  • guinea
  • snake
  • mouse
  • whale
  • lion
  • dinosaur
  • dragon
  • and a flying warthog

I can't wait to see all your ideas! Remember to post by June 30th to be entered into the drawing for a FREE ORIGINAL ACEO PAINTING!!!

*perches on edge of her seat to watch for answers*




  1. A hedgehog. No reason, I just like them.

  2. Wow what a cool contest, well I would love to see anything you paint, but I think I will vote for a Bearded Dragon.

    I also love the challenge of a hedgehog, I have always loved them and been tempted by both Bearded Dragons and Hedgehogs quite a few times!

    P.S. Warty is a cool Warthog!

  3. Switch - I love that idea =)

    Pam *smiles* thank you! That sounds like fun, too.

    I am looking forward to painting some new critters!

  4. Love the warthog! :)

    How 'bout an iguana? Had one for over 10 years - she was a fascinating creature.

  5. I really like your warthog!
    I think that I might have to vote for a panda bear.

  6. How about an armadillo, they are very cool creatures.

  7. baby chick ;0) Michele

  8. Hey, about a meerkat?

  9. I would love to see a turtle or a frog!

    And from your list a dinasour sounds really cool!!

  10. Aw, Warty is adorable!
    I'd love to see a long-haired white cat with blue eyes...because I have one and she's my best buddy. :)

  11. Wow! I am getting really inspired here =) Woohoo! What a great collections of new critters! I will have to get to painting! How fun =)

    Thanks for all the kind comments about Warty - he was fun to paint!

  12. Kathy-
    Well, mine isn't out of the ordinary or creepy or even weird...but since losing my sweet Boxer pup, I would LOVE to see you paint a boxer with uncropped ears. That was what Diesel was, and he had the saddest, most loving eyes you could ever imagine! He was a fawn boxer with flashing on his chest only.... that is what I would love to see you paint!!! Love, Leah

  13. Aw, Leah - so sorry you lost Diesel! He sounds lovely to paint!

  14. I too vote for a boxer with un cropped ears...for our sweet Leah! And give him beautiful angel wings too!

  15. Aw, Daffy - that is a sweet idea - from a very sweet lady! Thanks for the comment =)

  16. What a great idea! Hmm...since we're in St. Thomas for the moment, I'm thinking I ought to vote for an iguana. Or maybe a mongoose. :)

  17. Woohoo =) Great choices, Carol *winks* I am looking forward to adding a lot of new animals to my list!

    Hope all is going well with you there - enjoy some of that great ice cream for me! mmmmmmmmm! Praying for you all =)

  18. I love Warty - and the play on words - along those lines, I would like to see a Beagle like my Sabre - named after the jet my Dad was flying at the time - the F-86 Sabre Jet! Or, I would like to see a frog - a patchwork frog - like the big beautiful cloth one that finally was loved to pieces.

  19. ksc - they are so cute when they curl up! What a great idea =)

    Hey, Karin, I didn't know that Sabre was named for the jet! I did Warty as an answer in the ACEO Bounty Challenge thread on Etsy for an A-10 Warthog Jet plane flying. Carole was the recipient of my warped humor - but I did do a real painting of a real A-10 for her, too! *waves to Carole*

  20. Everything you do is really nice. I love Dolphins and think that would be a cute one to do jumping out of the water perhaps? Reminds me of my home state FL.. I live in GA now due to a military move, but really miss my home state.

  21. a dragon

    (but i'm very partial to english bulldogs)

  22. I really love your horses! Every time I try to draw a horse I end up with a donkey...:P maybe that could be one idea, the second one is: ducks!I love ducks, especially if you are standing next to them, they look at you tilting their heads to see you better and it looks like they are smiling all the time!

  23. I'd love to see a porcupine, since you seem to love thistle type flowers, lol!

  24. Hello
    Your paintings are beautiful! I found you through TKDesigns. My votes are for bunnies, owls and hedgehogs. :-)

  25. Gene - what a great idea! Being a desert dweller, I forget about all of the wonderful marine critters that I could be painting =)

    Aw, Lona - I love sheep =) What a fun animal to paint!

    Oh, Lashelle - I think both of your ideas are fun. Bulldogs have such a lot of personality!

    Ducks are so cute, Irene - they really do have a lot of character! Thanks, I am glad that you enjoy my horses =)

    Hey, pink - love the idea! hmmmm.... I wonder how many other prickly critters I can find....???

    Thank you, Cindy =) Glad you stopped by! Hope you will stop by often =) I love all your suggestions! I am sure you will see some paintings with those critters!

  26. A badger. I believe that they can have a wide range of personality.

  27. Thanks, yarrow1 - I really like the idea of a badger - it reminds me of Narnia *winks* Thanks for posting even though the contest was over - nice to have you visit my blog! More contests are coming!


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