Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

My father loved to garden. Wherever we lived there were flowers, trees, and bushes in an amazing array of colors, shapes and sizes. One of his favorite flowers was this purple iris.

I remember helping him to plant them at our home in Phoenix, Arizona (USA) in the 1950s. I am not sure if he had brought some of the bulbs from a previous home or not.
When I moved into a home in Phoenix, Dad gave me some iris bulbs. Dad also gave my sister, Mary, some iris for her new garden, too. When Mom and Dad retired to Chino Valley, Dad brought some of the iris. When I moved to Chino Valley, Dad gave me some iris for my garden.
Sadly, Dad passed away in 1993 after a brief battle with cancer. It was a long, sad winter. When the warm spring weather arrive, I had a delightful surprise. Roses, piracantha, gladiolas, jasmine - and iris! All of Dad's flowers bloomed! It was so refreshing after the long winter to see the beautiful colors in his gardens.
When I moved from Chino Valley to Paulden, I took some iris with me. I love the sweet musky fragrance and the deep purple color. Whenever I see them, I step back to the 1950s and I think about helping Dad plant the iris in our new flower bed.
Happy Father's Day!
God bless,
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  1. Kathy - I am glad you have been able to bring his flowers with you, must be so nice to see them! Sorry for your loss!

  2. Thank you Pam and Carole =) I am so glad that these iris have continued to grow for all of these years. Amazing!

  3. How well I remember those Iris from the 60s! How wonderful that you still have some! Until it closed, I used to drive by Shepherd's Iris Garden every day to and from work, just so I could see all of the flowers. One of my favorite memories is of your Dad helping my young son plant a garden of his own, which was a nice big pot carefully planted with some seeds (mostly radishes, because they grew quickly!) and the look of wonder and delight when his "garden" started to sprout and then he actually got to eat some of his crop! Your Dad was generous in handing out good memories.

  4. Beautiful flower, beautiful story. Thanks so much for sharing that, Kathy!

  5. beautiful tribute to your Father. The irises are a sweet way to remember your Father every year.

  6. Thanks, Juana =) It is really special to me!

    Thanks Carol - I enjoyed sharing this memory of my Dad.

    Wow, Remembrances - thanks for sharing that memory of my Dad and your son! Dad loved children (and hated hearing them called 'kids'! lol!). He really enjoyed having family and friends visit.


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