Monday, June 8, 2009

Back Yard Bird Treasure Hunt

Imagine my surprise when I was in my yard and I looked back towards the house and saw a ? what? a turkey? How did a turkey get in my yard???? Not that it is impossible for that to happen where I live! However... I had not seen a turkey...

I saw Penne - our pea hen! I knew that peacocks fanned their tails, but I had no idea that the pen hens did also. Here is a picture of Penne (on the far left) with part of our guinea fowl flock - but that is another story for another post!

Hope you are having fun on our Back Yard Bird Treasure Hunt! The next person you will visit is Allie =)

Allie's delightful blog is here:

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Enjoy the great Back Yard Birds!

God bless,


  1. Hi Kathy! What a surprise! Great photo of that little turkey! I love guinea fowls too! This is fun!

    p.s. I recognize that sweet little kitten ACEO I have from you! :)

  2. this must be where the phrase 'shake your tail feather' came from, lol!
    great shots!

  3. hahahaha how fun to see a turkey in the yard ....!

    this was fun ladies, great idea !

  4. Peafowl are fascinating birds! Thanks for the great photo - one doesn't often get to see the peahen on display!

  5. LOL Kathy, what a shock it would be to have a turkey in your yard! Great pictures!

  6. How cool to find a turkey in your backyard! This backyard bird hunt is fun!

  7. Yeah - Penne, the pea hen (female of the peacock), did a perfect imitation of a turkey! I was so surprised! LOL! She is really fun to have around =) She hangs around with the chickens and the guineas quite a bit.

  8. Penne is a bit of a show-off, huh?

  9. She sure is, Jessie - especially when the guineas invade her 'space' LOL!

    Thanks Mia =)

    Thanks Star ~ so glad you dropped by =)

    tehe - funny! love the comment, pink *winks*

  10. Hi there! We get a lot of turkeys here...they are fun to watch.

  11. I used to have peafowl and enjoyed watching them. We never had Guineas, because they were so noisy. We also had tons of wild turkey that used to visit our only tom. He was very spoiled and didn't realize that he was a turkey. Limbeck, the tom's name, thought he was a goat since he was raised with them. The wild turkey hens would come up to flirt with him and he would run over and puff up to flirt with the goats, until they got tired of his antics and head- butted him away. Funny to watch.

  12. Wow, that is awesome, a great surprise!

  13. How funny, Sue! ROFLOL! I have goats so I can totally picture their reactions! bwhahahah!

    It really was funny to see because my neighbor and I have no turkeys at all. I was wondering what was up and about that time, Penne put all her feathers down and became a pea hen again! roflol!

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