Friday, June 12, 2009

Back Yard Bird Treasure Hunt

I want to thank everyone who has already posted on the Back Yard Treasure Hunt this week and to thank everyone who is going to post today which is the last day of the hunt.

This has been great fun! And, because of your interest and the fun that we have all had, it is my pleasure to announce to you that there will be another Treasure Hunt on June 22nd. This time it will be photographs of flowers. Check back here on June 22nd to get your directions and begin your next Treasure Hunt!

Click this link to go back to the Back Yard Bird Treasure Hunt Rules.

If you go to the post with the rules, you will find the links to the shop and to the blog of the next participating artist.
Happy Treasure Hunting!

God bless,



  1. This was fun! Oooohhh a flower Treasure Hunt - flowers are my favorite thing to photograph - they don't move around as much as animals! LOL

  2. Well, out here with the wind - I don't know - photographing plants is like trying to photograph a dog chasing it's tail! lol!

  3. What a cute rooster (it is a rooster isn't it ? You have so many cool animals I've never seen before)

    LOL Yes wind is hard to work with, but if you bring flowers in the house to enjoy maybe you could photograph them easier!


  4. I have done that a bit, Pam - I will be showing off some of the local treasures during our flower treasure hunt *winks* But they are a surprise for now! Some I photograph where they are and some I bring inside. Needless to say *grins* I will not have the usual posted on my blog!

    Are you surprised???? *laughs*

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