Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back Yard Bird Treasure Hunt

Isn't he pretty!

Roosters are so handsome - they come in all sizes and colors. Yep. In my backyard, I also have chickens!

Check here to see what the Back Yard Bird Treasure Hunt is all about and what you could win by hunting for treasure!

Check here to see where to go next!

Have fun!
God bless,


  1. He sure is pretty. I love to hear the roosters each morning when I wake up here at the farm.

  2. He's a stunner! Better looking than some of mine! They are all looking out of sorts due to molting a the moment, doesn't stop the crowing though

  3. Very handsome Rooster, Looks a bit like my son's rooster - I have to ask, is he mean? My son's rooster was an attack rooster!

  4. me, too, angelandspot! Though I have to laugh when people say 'the quiet country life'! Once the sun is up here, it isn't quiet - it's full of wonderful 'good morning' sounds =)

    Yeah, pencilportraits, my hens are a bit 'shabby' right now, too. I do have one hen who is setting =) woohoo!

    Thanks, Carole and Marlene =) Yeah, he was mean and he had to move on. I have small grandchildren and onrey roosters seem to consider them fair game! ewie! not good!


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