Monday, June 8, 2009

Back Yard Bird Treasure Hunt

I love guinea fowl - they are so fun! This year my neighbor, Lorie, and I decided that we would get some from a hatchery, split the cost and I would take half and she would take half. The little darlings arrived in good order and we each had our little own flock growing nicely - hers in her garage, mine in my bathroom - until they could go outside.
When they were finally old enough to go outside, she kept hers in her dove pen and I housed mine in my chicken coop. Finally they were almost fully grown and it was time to let them wander around the yard.

Now, if you have never had guinea birds, you have probably never heard them call to each other. It sounds rather like 'buckwheat' - screamed at the top of your lungs! You can hear them a long way off - and they can hear each other even better. It wasn't long before her little flock and my little flock called to each other and hers came over to my yard. At the end of the day, all of my guineas were gone but only as far as her dove pen. The next morning, the combined flock was back to my yard.

Now they are fully grown and they travel over about 35 acres, calling to each other, eating bugs, and munching on weeds. At night they roost in Lorie's trees and in the morning and evening they stop by to get a little handout from me. Independent little critters and that's for sure! Yep - I love my guineas - wherever they are! LOL!

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Have fun on your Back Yard Bird Treasure Hunt!



  1. Your renditions of the guinea fowl are spot on! I love all three so far! You have definitely captured their spirit.

  2. Kathy, I just love your gtuinea fowl paintings, every single one of them LOL That is so cool that the whole flock is living on both your properties, they sound like so much fun!

  3. What a fun story. I never heard of a guinea fowl. Very cool painting!

  4. Thanks =) glad you all liked them! They are very fun birds and I really liked sharing about them =)

  5. adorable painting:)

  6. Thanks, Mia =) I appreciate the comment!

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