Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back Yard Bird Treasure Hunt has ended! Stay tuned for the WINNER!

The Back Yard Bird Treasure Hunt is over! Stay tuned while I count up all the posts and check to see who has made it through all of the blogs. As soon as I know who has made it through all of the blogs, I will let you know - but you have to wait until Monday morning to see who has won the ACEO from my blog! Are you the fortunate one????? Check back to see!

Have a great weekend and thanks for participating in the Back Yard Bird Treasure Hunt - stay tuned for details about the next Treasure Hunt which will be all about flower! Did you have lots of fun??? I sure did!

Thanks again!


  1. Hi Kathleen, Love your chicken picture.

  2. It was great fun - and I discovered some artists that I otherwise would not have known about! Thanks!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the title suggestion!

    Love your bird painting.

  4. You are welcome, Mechelle =) Thanks for visiting mine!

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