Monday, June 29, 2009

*argh* ICK! Bazillions! *ewie* Tiny Creepy Bugs! AKA - What color NOT to paint your country home....

Bleck! UGH! Literally - no I mean really! - bazillions! All over my garage door, the wall - the ground was moving *gasp* Little, tiny, creepy bugs!

Okay - so if all you see is one, it doesn't have the same effect. Right, I know how tiny they were. *rolls eyes* okay, I know - they are aphids. But, hey - if you were standing in a swarming pile of little tiny bugs, wouldn't you be a little - well, um... okay - well, maybe not... But, you know - they might have teeth! well... maybe...
They could be Mothra's cousin... maybe...

Hey, look - I did go all the way inside the house and grab my camera! And! I came back outside... Of course, you will note that there is not a picture depicting the bazillions of bugs that were trying to crawl on my shoes and up my socks... Nor the bazillions that were on the wall and the other bazillion that were on the garage door. Yeah, that's right - they were too tiny to show up in the big picture. I know, I know - there is no limit to what a wuss I can be! But would you like it if a bazillion tiny little bugs that might have teeth were aimed at your socks???

So what did I learn from all of this? Well, this is not the first time I have had swarms of insects land on my house. Do you know how many kinds of blister beetles there are? I do. I know all of the sizes and all of the colors. I have had the blisters to prove it. How are you on grasshopper recognition? Yep, I had them from the tiny brown ones to the big green ones that you could put a leash on and fly around the block.

I repeat, what did I learn? Here is my sage advice that I give to you FREE of charge. If you are living in the country, do not paint your house a lovely soft green color. Nope. Don't do it! You will look like a giant leaf and you will put out the welcome mat to every leaf eating varmint out there. *rolls eyes* Believe me.

Don't do it!

*runs inside, throws clothes in washer, races to shower*

*fans self* okay, I'm fine now. They are all outside... ah... at least I think they are....


'night all!


  1. LOL....The worse thing I have had is about 6 praying mantis, and for some reason their sharp little teeth didn't scare me (this even after I witnessed a fight between a mantis and a tarantula and the Mantis won) I thought they were interesting.

  2. Glad it was you and not me, Lol sorry but that’s the truth !! Cant stand anything that creeps, craws or slithers. You made me laugh if that helps!!LOLOLOL

  3. Hey, Karin - they were aimed at my socks! LOL!

    Thanks Dawn and Pam for the sympathy *winks*

    Hey, Marlene - will they eat the aphids?

    It's okay now *fans self* the aphids have departed. I am not sure where - but not to my socks!


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