Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh, I just love kitties!

Check out this very cute kitty with butterfly wings that Betty Stoumbos of pinkglitterfae created! Betty put a little touch of sparkle on this kitty’s crown and wings and I just love the little pink heart and the big soulful eyes. What a cute kitty and what a fun addition to my mini Bounty Booty =)

Betty is mostly a self taught artist, though she says that she has taken a few classes along the way. She likes to create whimsical art, fantasy, folk art, angels and mermaids. She says “I strive to become a better artist with each painting”. Check out her shop and you will have a VERY hard time picking your favorite! I love her whimsical style and the vibrant colors that she uses.

Visit her shop at http://pinkglitterfae.etsy.com

This delightful card was very well packaged and arrived in a cute, sparkly butterfly card. I am so happy to have it in my collection! Thanks, Betty =)

God bless,


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  2. I just love this Kitty, so cute!

  3. I mostly leave my camera at home only when it is charging... LOL

    You never know when you might miss a shot,
    I have missed some before because I was only going to the store. :D

    I would like to read your post about not leaving your camera at home.. what month did you post it in? :)

  4. hehe - Milkshake - I still can't believe that you took your camera to the dentist! LOL! I may just try that... hmmmm Here I my two previous posts regarding my keeping my camera with me =)

    Here's the picture I didn't get *rolls eyes*


    And here's the picture I did get *winks*



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