Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More mini Bounty Booty!

I love sunflowers! With Marlene Hawkin’s print, “Double Your Pleasure” I get two sunflowers and two cute ladybugs =) I can remember playing with ladybugs when I was a child. Their bright red color fascinated me as well as the fact that they would stay on my hand for a long time before they flew away. I love the bright colors in Marlene’s card – such a cheerful, spring card!

Marlene also sent a little extra magnet. This is so cute – it says “Back to School” on it. I have been taking a couple of online classes *winks* so this little magnet is very timely – as well as cute!

Lately Marlene has been creating some lovely felted ACEOs and listing them in her etsy store, They are really pretty – and they sell very fast! You may have to go to her sold orders to see them if you don’t hurry over to her shop!

Thanks for the lovely gifts that you provided for the mini ACEO Bounty Prize! I am so delighted to have them in my collection!

God bless,


  1. Isn't it,though! I love her artwork =)

  2. Kathy thank you for the sweet comments. I am glad you like them. It is quite a compliment to me coming from such an accomplished artist like you.

  3. Very nice ACEO & Magnet too! I love Sun flowers!

  4. I enjoy reading your blog posts as you receive your goodies! I agree with you about Marlene's felted ACEOs, they're amazing! and they do tend to vanish pretty quickly. Had my eye on one myself, until, poof! gone :-D

  5. tehe, pink - oh, so very true! Her felted ACEOs are almost as elusive as Mr. Random Dude *winks*

    Thanks for all the kind comments =) I am glad you are enjoying these posts! I am really enjoying putting them together =)


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