Saturday, May 2, 2009

More lovely mini ACEO Bounty Booty from the April prize!

Check out these wonderful creations from Melissa Shaw of worldofmoments on Etsy! Aren’t they great!

I love “Mommy and Me” - what a cute picture of Mel and her mother! The border on this lovely photograph is really fun because it is all hand painted. Happy Mother’s Day, Mel! Just had to pass on those wishes =) This card reminds me of when my daughter was little and we had our “ladies’ day out” once a week. Too much fun!

“Snowflake” is so sparkly and pretty! Here is another treasure that reminds me of the fun that Cynthia and I had when she was little - creating paper snowflakes which appear like magic with a few snips of the scissors. These cards are treasures that I am delighted to have added to my collection!

If you haven’t visited Mel’s shop on Etsy, be sure that you do! She has some VERY special things in there. Not only does she feature her artwork, but she also features artwork by her sons. Here are two fun little ACEOs that the boys did – “Field of Flowers” by Connor and “Ocean” by Braeden. (I hope you don’t mind that I swiped your photos and showed off the boys’ great artwork, Mel!)

One of the reasons that Mel opened her shop on Etsy was to share the artwork that the boys do. Here is a little bit of what she has to say in her profile:

My name is Mel, I'm the mother of 3 wonderful children. Two of my children are on the autism spectrum, as am I (Aspergers).

My store came about out of daily painting therapy sessions with my two boys to help with sensory issues, ADHD, and imagination building. I wanted to share the beauty I saw in what they did, and share in my own works as well

This talented artist donates a portion of all of her sales to The Dockery Foundation in Olive Branch, MS. For more information about this group check this out:

The web address to Mel's shop is

Tomorrow – another great artist!
God bless,


  1. What a great post!! Will definitely check out her shop! I drive a school bus and have the cutest little girl on my bus. She is autistic, but what a sweety!!

  2. Ah thanks Kathy :) Gotta tell ya though, the "Mommy and Me" one? That's ME as a little girl! *laughs* It's a pic from when I lived in Germany w/ my folks :) That's my mom :)

    And thanks SO much for posting a few pics of the boys' cards!! :) They are so tickled to see them! :)

  3. That is a really nice tribute to Mel. :)

  4. Another great write up Kathy, Mel's ACEO's are so fun!

  5. Wonderful write up Kathy, Mel's boys are wonderful and so is she - It has been fun getting to know her, you, and all the other artist on Etsy.

  6. It was fun to write =) I am enjoying sharing a bit about all of you great artists =) And I am going to correct my little oops, there, Mel *rolls eyes* sorry!


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