Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More lovely ACEO mini Bounty Challenge prizes!

Sonja Green of fairlylandbeauties created these love cards! Aren’t they fun?! Sonja is a mixed media artist who creates one of a kind altered art collages that are very intriguing. There is a bit of an air of mystery that surrounds many of her creations.

I love “A Soul Within” because it has that air of mystery. Who is this woman? What secret is hidden away in her soul? The multiple layers of collage elements give this ACEO a subtle texture and definitely create a pensive mood.

Check out “Blah!! School Again!” and take a good look at that cute little redhead. Who do you suppose that is? Well, that is Sonja when she was a little girl! What a fun picture! That makes this very cute collage doubly fun for me. I love the way she added the apple and tiny little pencil, and once again her choice of papers creates a mood. Poor little girl – she wants to be out in the sunshine! Not stuck at a desk inside!

Check out more of Sonja’s great creations in her etsy shop, fairylandbeauties.

Thanks for adding these to the mini Bounty Challenge Prize, Sonja! I love them!

God bless,


  1. Very nice additions Kathy - great artwork Sonja! What a cutie you were in school! lol

  2. I'm loving getting to share your feelings about the bounty booty you are receiving, so fun and it gives the art so much life when seen through your eyes.

  3. These are great testimonies you are doing for each artist who sent you a card. And, I love to hear your feelings and interpretations. Keep up the great work.

  4. =) I am really enjoying blogging about each and every one of these lovely little treasures! It has been so much fun!


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