Thursday, May 7, 2009

Delightful new ACEOs – more of the mini ACEO Bounty Challenge Booty!

Miriam Climenhaga has tagged her Etsy shop “all things colorful and bright…” and that is definitely the case with everything in her store. Her vibrant colors combine wonderfully with her abstract images to create a visual experience that is delightful. These lovely little treasures that she sent as part of the mini Bounty Challenge Prize are three good examples of her fun style and her creative use of color.

I love the contrasting colors in “Door” where the subtle greens and blues have a sudden splash of orange. There’s a mystery here, too – where does this door lead? What is on the other side?

“Hills and Sky” has lots of texture that creates a fun effect especially in the clouds. I like the way that Miriam uses a darker color to enhance and outline her shapes. It gives this very subtle composition a lot of movement, especially in the hills which seem to move like waves on the ocean. The use of this ACEO in a greeting card is really nice, too. What a wonderful way to share the love of creating and collecting ACEOs!

“Kiss” is fun and bright – just the perfect thing for someone you love! The combination of acrylic paint and collage gives this card some subtle texture, too. Miriam listed this as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, and I think that she is right.

For a bright splash of color and some really fun images visit Miriams’s shop ~

Thanks for sending me these great cards as part of the mini Bounty Booty for April!

God bless,


  1. Very nice, it sounds like you are just having a ball.

  2. That is really, really sweet how you are featuring your "booty" in your blog. Thanks Kathy, so much. I'm glad you like them! :)

  3. Great feature Kathy, I have some of Miriam's art, she is a very talented artist.

  4. I love abstracts...very beautiful.


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