Sunday, May 31, 2009

Can you guess how many games are represented in this little ACEO?

Okay ~ Here is the ACEO "Games" as it was posted previously ~

And ~ tada! Here is the finished ACEO!

I think this is fun! Can you find all the games that are represented in this little ACEO? I packed a lot of them in that 2.5 x 3.5 inch little piece of artwork! Some are easier to figure out than other. Let me know what games you find!

Have fun!
God bless,



  1. Well I see Jacks, Dice (many games including yachtze with those), baseball, marbles, dominors, Tiddly Winks. I could not figure out what the green box represented. How fun Kathy, great job.

  2. The green box is a Monopoly house! Many fun hours spent at each of these games - thanks for the memories!

  3. Okay - you guys are too good! You got them all =) If I do this as a contest, I am going to have to make it much tougher, I can see that right now! *winks*

  4. Kathy, very cool, I saw 7 games, I see the others above got them all too! It turned out beautifully!

  5. Yep - I AM going to have to make this a little harder *winks*


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