Friday, May 15, 2009

And what do my wondering eyes behold...?

I was watering my tree and not paying attention to anything except the end of the hose. I noticed I had two new little cottonwood trees that I could transplant. *smile* My eyes lazily traced a path up their delicate trunks to about eye level. A brown blotch caught my eye and I slowly turned to look at the larger tree. (The trunk was about two to three feet away from me *rolls eyes*) And...

What? is? that?

No. absolutely. can't. be.

Oh. yes. it. can. BEES!

Bees. Yep, an entire hive on the move. And they picked my tree to stop and rest. Backing slowly away from the tree, I did the most logical thing. I went and got my camera!

The day before I had seen the hive on the move. I was outside and I heard what sounded like a flock of birds... but not quite right and no birds in sight. A truck on the dirt road? no... not quite the right sound... A...? *gasp* About 5 feet or so above my head was a swarm of bees. They were close enough that a few stragglers came to check out my red shirt. *shivers*

Every year about this time we have a hive of bees come through this area. They land for a few hours to a few days and then move on to a more secure destination. This was the first time that I had seen them land in one of my trees. When the wind came up and whipped the limbs of the tree, the bees resumed their search for a home.

Just another interesting country day! Hope you enjoyed the bee-utiful pictures *winks*

God bless,


  1. Oh my, that gives me the chills, never have I seen so many bees in one place. This was almost like watching the nature channel.

  2. Wow, that is so cool! You did exactly what I would have done...grabbed my camera. Great photos!

  3. Why did they cluster on the cottonwood? Do they find some kind of sustenance from the tree sap or are they just hanging out??
    At least you know your plants are being pollinated!

  4. cool shots! are these the kinds of bees that have been dying out everywhere? I hope you used a zoom lens, I would have been a little too scared to get close :-)

  5. haha - yeah, Marlene, we can be our own little nature channel out here! LOL!

    GracefulMoments - yeah! and why did I have to run back into the house to get it??? I didn't take it outside with me! haha - you would think I would learn!

    Victoria - they were just hanging out - when the wind began to blow, they moved on to another place.

    Well, pink - it's a 'bit' of a zoom lense, but I was only about 2 feet away with my macro at one point *winks* I'm not up on my 'bee types' but these are the ones that we commonly see around here.

  6. Wow, these are fabulous shots, Tapestry. Love it. Glad you did not get stung.

  7. Oh my gosh, I would have been so scared to see all those bees above my head and then later in the tree!

  8. Yeah, Juana - over my head did freak me out! LOL! I stood stock still and covered my eyes and prayed. The second time they swarmed I had one of my dogs with me and we were almost to the back door so we dashed inside. They have moved on =) It is interesting to see the hive move, but much better to have them somewhere else!

  9. So interesting! I love the pictures and your narrative is wonderful. I guess it's reassuring that with so much talk about colony collapse disorder that you're still seeing them come through. At least your garden will get pollinated!

  10. I think our more temperate climate is condusive to their survival. The hives must be prospering because there is at least one migrating hive a year - this year there were two that we spotted.


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