Monday, May 4, 2009

And the ACEO mini Bounty Challenge Booty continues to arrive!

The humor in these two cards from Sue Taylor has kept me laughing since I got them. She has a great sense of humor that frequently comes out in her artwork. The two cards that she sent for the April ACEO mini Bounty Challenge Prize are “Zebra Grass” and “Kisses to you”.

“Kisses to you” was done in answer to a challenge 'to depict true love, in grey scale, with an addition of one color'. Do you feel the love? I do! Sue’s control of her media is really apparent in this drawing where she used a limited color scheme.

Can you see the zebra hiding in the grass in “Zebra Grass”. Or is the zebra really grass? Or is there no zebra at all? This very fun card was made in response to a General challenge by user bellsakabin to create a ACEO with the theme "zebra grass".

Sue is a very talented artist and her colored pencil art is wonderful. Check out her shop soon because she is having a fantastic sale! Some things are only .99 and, at those prices, they will not be in her shop for long!

Click the title of this post to go to Sue's artistsuetaylor etsy shop or cut and past this link.

Thanks, Sue ~ for sharing some really great artwork with me =)
God bless,


  1. Thank you Kathy for the lovely blog and praise. [blushing, here] I am so happy that you are enjoying my aceo cards as well as all the fabulous cards from many talented artists that you have received. Thanks again, Sue

  2. These are two great cards by Sue Taylor. Glad you are having so much fun, Kathy.

  3. Wonderful cards by Sue. Kathy thank you for sharing your bounty with us it almost feels like I was part of the winning this way as we really get to see all the wonderful art you have received.

  4. Wow I don't remember seeing these cards before, Sue they are really cool! You did a great job! Kathy, great write up once again!

  5. awesome Zebra Grass! I hadn't seen that one! :)

  6. tehe - Oh, I remember them, Pam! LOL! I was so happy that these were both part of my mini Bounty Booty *winks*

    Glad you are all enjoying these posts =)


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