Thursday, March 5, 2009


My favorite brush ~ my palette full of lovely colors - some good audio drama - and a brand new paper to try - yep, that all equals fun =) I am doing this painting on a block of Fabriano's Artistico Extra White paper. I have never used extra white paper before. I like the surface texture of this paper and the sizing is nice and even. My paint is flowing very nicely in both washes and detail. It's always fun to try something new, isn't it?!

So - here is the start. I have laid in some basic washes and general tones. Lots will change as I paint. One of the things I love to do when I paint with watercolor is to build up lots of transparent washes one on top of the other.

I like to paint some details in early, too, so here I have started just a little hint of the details that are yet to come.

Then I had a break for lunch and a bunch of other stuff to get done... but! Now all of that is done and I have a bit of time before bed so time to get some fresh water and start up the audio drama again while I paint some more. Yippee! I love painting days =)
God bless,

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