Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Forrest and Whinney - Country Morning - good morning country style!

Forrest is a character! She loves horses, goats and chickens. She will rub all over the horse's nose if they bend down to sniff her. She does the same thing with the goats. This is the same kitty that I featured in a previous post - almost playing with Bennie Bunny. She'll play with chickens, too - ah - in a good way! LOL! I snapped a photo of her nose to nose with Whinney one day - and turned that photo into a painting. Here is Forrest and Whinney in "Country Morning".

Hope you have a great 'country morning', too!
God bless,


  1. Thanks for making me smile today with this lovely story of Forrest:) You really captured the feeling of the moment in this painting. So Sweet!

  2. lovely painting, really nice story to go with it as well

  3. Thanks =) I loved doing this painting - it made me smile a lot while I was working on it. It is really crazy to watch a little cat love on a big horse! Too much fun to keep to myself - just had to share the story!

  4. It is neat to see animals interact with each other.

  5. It is fun! I just watched Whinney play with another little cat when we were all playing with her new baby, Mariah. It is really funny to see a huge horse nose to nose with a small cat!


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