Thursday, March 12, 2009

Almost finished now...

The foreground is beginning to take shape now. The bushes are starting to look less like blobs and more like plants. But, as I am looking at this now I see a couple of things I need to fix. The trees behind Billie Jane need to seem farther away and that pyramid of a bush in the lower left corner totally needs to have some more 'organic' shape to it! Okay - now I don't feel like those bushes are stone work out of Egypt. After making the trees softer, I decided that I wanted to add a bit more color to the hills, too. I did a bit of work on the sky, also - I want to keep that very soft and loose with just a hint of clouds and not much definition at all. I added some of the color that I used on the hills to the clouds so that they would have a slightly stormy look.
In order to give the foreground a little more texture, I spattered some paint in about three different colors. This gives it a rocky look.

Well, there is a bit of work to be done, but the washes need to dry first. I still have all my pencil lines on there, too - so next time I work on this painting, I will erase all of those first. When I get to this stage in a painting, I let it sit for a while. I keep it close to where I am and I just look at it frequently and think about what's next. Then, after a few days, I will see where the painting goes. By this time, I am not using the reference photos very much - the painting takes its own shape now.
I'm looking forward to sharing the last steps of this painting with you in a few days. Thanks for all the great comments - I appreciate them! Glad you are enjoying watching my progress on this painting =)
God bless,


  1. Wow, I think it's awesome just as it is. Even a few beforehand - I don't see those critical things - to me it was beautiful - i love the shadowing, I could never get those right!

  2. Thanks =) I have to let my painting rest a bit now, because I will 'over paint' it if I don't. It is almost finished - just a few tiny details yet to go...

    Thanks for the encouragement =)


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