Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What to paint next...

I thought - continuing with my "How I do what I do" series - that I would give you a peek into how I decide what I will paint.

I have so many ideas for paintings rolling around in my head that it is hard to sort them all out. I keep sketches and photos that I use as reference for my paintings - piles and piles and files and files... When I need inspiration, I go digging in my photos or my sketches and before long I have just the right image for my next painting.

I love this photo of my horse, Billie Jane - it's just a fun angle and there is some great 'tail action' going on there.

I did a small watercolor ACEO of that painting of that photo. It was fun! I cropped the image in this little ACEO which gives it a little different feel and look than you usually see in equine art.

When I sketch out the larger painting, I don't plan to crop it the same way. I want to show a bit more detail and make her interact with her surroundings a little bit more. However, I am not going to paint exactly what the photo shows.

I have a few problems with the photo. The background is boring, the mountains come right across Billie Jane's ears, the shadows distract from the great tail swish, and Hershey's butt is all you can see of him. (Yep, he's in the picture, too - right under Billie Jane's neck.) This photo will need a bit of work to turn into a great sketch for a painting.

That must be why I am a painter and not a photographer!

Well, I know what my next painting will be - now I just have decide on the size, what kind of paper, and get the sketch on to the paper. Next time, I'll share all that =)

God bless,

PS and then I will go work on a way to organize all those photos and sketches... It too me forever to find this photo in all those files and files of photos! argh!

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  1. This is very interesting, glad you are sharing.

  2. Thanks =) I am having fun sharing how I do my paintings! Glad you are finding it interesting!


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