Sunday, February 15, 2009

A good start!

Well, I got a good start on my new painting of Billie Jane.

Tracing paper is my brain *laughs* This first image shows the basic 'block in' of Billie Jane as she will be on the painting. I use graphite transfer paper to transfer this image from the tracing paper to the watercolor paper. You can see the shadow image of the transferred image beneath the tracing paper.

All I have blocked in at this point are the large light and dark areas, general proportions, and basic shapes.

Now it's time to turn this into a sketch that I can paint. I am going to change some details and leave a bunch of stuff out. I love to take photographs, but I don't always pay attention to what is in the background. Oh, well - I did get a lot of great movement in this photograph - even if there is a lot to change. By the time all is said and done about the only thing that I may have from the photograph is Billy Jane and even she will have 'morphed' quite a bit.

Check out the last image to see some of the changes that I plan to make.

Well, it looks like a good start. I left out all of the background because I am not sure what I am going to do... a barn? a pasture? trees? wide open spaces? hmmmmm..... But she does have four legs now, her eye is open (yes it is closed in the photograph), her tail is rearranged a little bit, and a few other changes have been made. I'm ready to start painting!

Hope you are enjoying following the progress of my latest painting.
God bless,


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