Sunday, January 11, 2009

Revisit "Never too young for art" and...

Remember the previous post ~ "Never too young for art" ~ well take a good look at Mikayla's chair in this picture.

That chair has been used for five (yes! five!) generations of children. My grandmother, Patience Maria (pronounced like Mariah) was the first child to use it; then my aunt and father, Christine and Richard; followed by my sister and I, Mary and Kathleen. I inherited the chair when my daughter, Cynthia was born and now my granddaughters, Mikayla and Naomi use it. This lovely youth chair has been passed to the eldest child in each generation for all these years.

It's one of my favorite treasures and I hope that it sees many more generations of children!

Just had to share =)
God bless,

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  1. How wonderful that you have this link with past generations...and that you treasure it as you do. It's wonderful to see young people involved in enriches all our lives no matter what our age:)

  2. So very true! It's a lovely blessing in my life =)


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