Thursday, January 29, 2009

For my frozen friends in the northern lands...

Can I have some sympathy? I am cold!

*ducks as friends lob snowballs*

Okay - here are the pictures of our snow fall! burr! *shiver* How can I ever get all this snow off my truck so I can drive home?

*ducks and runs away amid a shower of snowballs*

Hope you all thaw out up there - I'll send you some of my cold weather so you can warm up! ROFLOL!

God bless,


ps It snowed ALL DAY in Prescott - haha - and this is all the snow we had.

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  1. LOL! you are a funny lady! I thought I was going to see mountains of snow, taller than me, which is what I'm dealing with on both sides of my driveway, and all I see are a few piddly little harmless flakes, haha!
    ok Kathy, bundle up! :-D

  2. I am totally a pikey little whiner when it comes to being cold! ROFLOL! I thought that all you who have REAL snow would get a good laugh out of this! Thanks for stopping by =)

  3. As I look outside my window and can barely make out the apartment building across the road through all the snow, I have to wonder if perhaps living in Canada is not the best choice for me. What I wouldn't give to have a slight spattering of snow on the hood of my car instead of a small igloo over the whole thing. Sigh. Jealous.

  4. *whew* I think that the snow is really pretty - but I am TOTALLY a wuss! I lived in Flagstaff (mumble mumble years ago!) when I was in college. We had 8 feet of snow dump on us in three days. I knew that living in a snowy clime was not going to be top on my list! LOL!

    However, you don't fry all summer up there *winks* so while I am wilting in the summer, you will be waltzing!

  5. You are too funny!! But I am still having trouble drumming up compassion for you as I look out my window at 4 FEET of snow...LOL!!! Is it Spring yet? Blaaah!

  6. *whine* and it was windy today, too - and it may rain tomorrow...

    4 feet of snow! *whew* I would turn to a people-cicle just looking at that! LOL!

  7. I am enjoying the weather comments. LOL

  8. Thanks, Carole *winks* it was cloudy today - I was waiting for more rain or snow! LOL!


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