Friday, December 19, 2008

Sometimes I like to do something different - do you?

I really liked the photograph that I took of Sugar (who's real name is Zoe) and so I wanted to do a painting. First I did a transparent watercolor. I have prints available - but I sold the original a long time ago. She has a lot of expression and it was very fun to do the painting!

Then I found myself wanting to experiment with gouache and transparent watercolor. A friend had told me of a fun technique to lay down a solid color (white or pale color) and then paint the transparent watercolor on top of that. Since I wanted to be able to compare the two techniques, I did another painting of the same pose and used the transparent watercolor on top of white gouache. It has a very soft almost suede like appearance. The original of this is still available.

Then, I received more inspiration from a few other artists and I wanted to try something different. I had seen some hand colored prints that were really nice and the artist told me how he did them. An artist whose work I have admired in the past, uses really bright colors when she sketches or paints her animals. Well, doing a new technique on something small sounded like a good idea. I might actually have time to finish the project! I did and here is the result - I think it's fun! This is really mixed media - a print, with rice paper, and hand colored. The original of this is still available for purchase.

Three very different looks from the same image! Each one was fun to do and the results from each technique are very different!

Experiment! Try something new today - you never know what fun might await you!

God bless,

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  1. Each horse painting is beautiful in it's own right. The character and impression really changes with color. I like all of them, but the third one is really bold and my favorite.

  2. Thanks! Each one was fun to do and each time I had a different end result in mind when I started.

    The third one is also the last (chronologically) that I did. There was a definite progression to the very expressionistic, bold color in the last one.

    It was a fun series to do and left me with ideas of other ones to create!

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