Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Just have to share this great picture of the girls - they are too cute all dressed up in their new Christmas dresses!

Faith (6 - who is currently missing her two front teeth!), Naomi (2) and Mikayla (5) are so much fun. Naomi and Mikayla are my granddaughters and Faith is their cousin. Naomi and Mikayla are coming to spend a few days with me and we will have lots of fun! They love to feed the animals and play with all of the toys and stuffed dolls that I have. This time we will be inside most of the time because it is so cold, so we will also be doing some artwork, too. I will show off their creations in a few days! No doubt I will have some great photographs from those few days, too!

Have a great day! God bless,

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A painting waiting to happen!

We didn't have much snow - but we have had ice the last few days and it has been beautiful!

Check out Billie Jane's eyelashes! And both her ears and Hershey's ears! They were frosty horses yesterday morning!

Winter has it beautiful moments around here!
Merry Christmas!
God bless,

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sometimes I like to do something different - do you?

I really liked the photograph that I took of Sugar and so I wanted to do a painting. First I did a transparent watercolor. I have prints available - but I sold the original a long time ago. She has a lot of expression and it was very fun to do the painting!

Then I found myself wanting to experiment with q0uache and transparent watercolor. A friend had told me of a fun technique to lay down a solid color (white or pale color) and then paint the transparent watercolor on top of that. Since I wanted to be able to compare the two techniques, I did another painting of the same pose and used the transparent watercolor on top of white gouache. It has a very soft almost suede like appearance. The original of this is still available.

Then, I received more inspiration from a few other artists and I wanted to try something different. I had seen some hand colored prints that were really nice and the artist told me how he did them. An artist whose work I have admired in the past, uses really bright colors when she sketches or paints her animals. Well, doing a new technique on something small sounded like a good idea. I might actually have time to finish the project! I did and here is the result - I think it's fun! This is really mixed media - a print, with rice paper, and hand colored. The original of this is still available for purchase.

Three very different looks from the same image! Each one was fun to do and the results from each technique are very different!

Experiment! Try something new today - you never know what fun might await you!

God bless,

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Artist Trading Card Fall Swap

Woohoo! The Artist Trading Card Fall Swap at The Art Store by The Frame & I was a huge success! Lots of people came and made cards and then traded them with whomever was there at the time. We had all ages and levels of experience. Everyone is looking forward to our Spring Swap, now, and I am collecting ideas - and cards! - for that event which will be in March or April of 2009.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Check this out! Doesn't this look like a turkey??? But this is not a turkey! In honor of Thanksgiving Day, Penne, our pea hen, obligingly fanned her tail out just like a peacock - AND I had a camera in my hand when she did it! Wow! I never knew that the pea hens fanned out their tails, too!

Penne travels between my neighbor's yard and my yard - usually right along with our combined flock of guinneas.

And, by the way - Penne will also honk and sound almost like a goose!

Okay, just had to share more of my animal kingdom and since this was such a funny 'turkey' picure, it was perfect for Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

God bless,


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The "New Girl" on the block

Billie Jane joined my little herd almost two years ago. She has a sweet temperament, but plenty of spunkiness. I can just tell by the look in her eye what mischief she is going to get into. Billie Jane is a quarterhorse, too, and she has some great roping stock breeding lines. Fortunately for me, she is just a bit lazy! She is also a walking appetite – so I have to watch her girlish figure for her! Haha! Mostly, she wants to eat the camera when I am trying to take her picture. I have lots of great nose pictures if anyone is interested *rolls eyes* Here is a little watercolor sketch that I did recently of a photo I took last spring.

God bless,

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Miniature Show at the Frame & I

Our very first Miniature Show is going on at The Frame & I. The show is filled with artwork in a variety of media and they are all no larger than 8 inches x 8 inches (20.3 cm x 20.3 cm). There is some incredible artwork by several local artists from Prescott, Arizona, and the surrounding area. And, yes, I have some work in there, too, in fact, I have already sold some ACEOs and a mixed media painting of my cat, Forrest. Yippee!

There are some wonderful pieces of art in this show and the prices are very affordable. The show will be up until the end of the year – so I hope that I will have to replenish my little corner of the gallery a lot! Here are some pictures of the gallery – they show the artwork in the miniature show and some other pieces, as well as some of the artwork that I have in the show. If you are in the area, be sure to stop by!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

tapestry316 on Etsy

Earlier this year I set up a shop on Etsy. I have had a blast and I have met so many neat new online friends. Here are some of the things that I have for sale in my Etsy shop.

Cynthia was the one who encouraged (or was that nagged?!) me to set up my Etsy shop – many thanks to you, dear daughter! There is a link on my blog for both my shop and Cynthia’s etsy shop. Be sure to check out Cynthia’s shop and read her listings – it will have you laughing so hard, that – well, don’t like drink milk or anything while you are reading her listings! And if you do, don’t say that I didn’t warn you!

God bless,


“When I grow up I want to be a cowgirl…” I wrote that on a report that I did in grade school. Ah, the stuff that makes up our childhood hopes and dreams! Well, I don’t know if you would call me a cowgirl – but I did realize my childhood dream of having a horse. In fact I have two lovely equine companions, as well as a number of other four footed friends. I think my mom and dad saw all of this coming. I remember how well they coped with the caterpillar colony, the wall of fish tanks, the turtle in the back yard, and – well, you get the picture! Some of my blog will be devoted to my animal friends – sharing fun pictures and stories about them.

Much of my artwork is inspired by the beauty of God’s creation, especially His animals. I love to take photographs and I love to paint my artwork from photos that I have taken. I am never quite sure if I am just taking photos to put in my album or if I am taking reference photos for future artwork – it really doesn’t matter to me when I am out there snapping pictures like a crazy woman. My animals tolerate that photo frenzy much better than most people! ROFLOL! My sympathies to family and friends – I know my photo frenzies drive you nuts!

Let me introduce you to Hershey. Such a sweet and lovable guy! I did this painting from a photograph I took of him during the winter. He was all shagged out and hairy which makes him turn about three shades lighter than he is in the summer. Come spring it is like unwrapping a Christmas present – I never know what color he will be! Sometimes he is a light honey color and sometimes he is a deep, dappled gold. Hershey is a palomino quarterhorse and he is about 15 years old.

God bless,

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